Since 2010, Emonk Ibiza is more than a brand ... it is a way of life inspired by Ibiza, by a bohemian lifestyle, secret coves, Mediterranean sunsets and hippy markets.

Leo and Vir, creators of the brand, travel around the world looking for treasures to create their designs full of style and personality, a true reflection of their free spirit and boho chic soul ...

Created with a lot of passion and love, each design is unique and handmade in Ibiza. We use original tribal jewelry, vintage textiles, high quality skins and handmade braids ...

Each pair is unique, just as we are each one of us ... What matters most is to transmit this spirit with which you can feel also unique and special, with our "Footwear with Soul".


"True creativity does not come easily, it is the result of taking risks and overcome each mistake ..."


We hope that, as we continue our trip, we can inspire you, make you laugh, awaken your enthusiasm and encourage you to live your dreams as you imagined them.

Thanks for sharing our passion. Our heart is full of gratitude and our soul full of dreams ...

Love and light from Ibiza ✨

                            Leo & Vir 

<<•>> Emonk Ibiza <<•>>

           Born and raised under the sun