Terms of purchase

These Terms set out the conditions for ordering, payment and delivery of products ordered by customers (hereinafter the "CLIENT") and management responses on them. The General Conditions are available on the site

The completion of a purchase order made by the Customer at the site implies meanwhile knowledge and full acceptance of the Terms of purchase.

2. Ordering

Any orders placed through the site is a distance contract between the CLIENT and, and necessarily implies the unconditional acceptance by the Customer, without limitation or condition of the General Conditions. In order that the CUSTOMER know the products you want to buy, and can place an order, the site presents the characteristics of the products offered for sale. The photographs of the products offered for sale are only indicative. We recall that EMONK IBIZA products are handmade and handcrafted so no two are alike and there will be variations in color and pattern. The product offering is always subject to stock availability. Information on product availability is provided at the time of ordering and in the data sheet.

Any changes to the CUSTOMER wants to make your order will be analyzed by EMONK IBIZA provided the CLIENT would have notified by email sent to the address before the expected date of shipment of the order.

If the client wants a change in the product already shipped to him, the client would have to pay for the shipping.

2.1. Custom orders take an initial deposit of 100 € to begin the customization process exclusively for the CLIENT and which must be satisfied by the CLIENT at the time of acceptance thereof in any of the forms of payment listed in

This amount is multiplied by the pairs of shoes that the customer requests customization, being 1-100 €, 2-200 €, 3-300 € and so on.

Once the model chosen and designed exclusively for or by the CLIENT these 100 € will be extra from the final price.

If we complete the customization process or upon receipt by the CUSTOMER a model exclusively designed for or by the CLIENT, and the CLIENT wants to return & get refunded , the CLIENT shall bear the loss of the 100 € deposit without exception, wich is for the labor handwork payment.

3. Fees and payment   The prices shown on the web are indicated in euros, not include shipping costs, which are listed separately on the Web. These expenses are charged to the CLIENT. The CLIENT will be informed before the final registration of your order, the shipping costs associated with that order, and payment to the CLIENT request for the full amount of the purchase.   Payment can be made through Paypal (+ 5% commission) Debit / credit and bank transfer (if you eligieses this payment, must indicate when making the transfer order number and full name case) or link created on the website. By placing your order, the customer must indicate the NAME to their personal bank to appear in the transaction..   Products are sold to its current price on the date of confirmation of the order acceptance by EMONK IBIZA. The amount stated in the order confirmation by EMONK IBIZA price is the final price. The data provided by the CLIENT and recorded by with your order constitute proof of transactions between the CLIENT and EMONK IBIZA. After confirmation of the order by the CLIENT, EMONK IBIZA send a confirmation message to the CLIENT stating that your order has been duly registered. The price of the products purchased must be paid at the time the CUSTOMER pay for the web.   The cost of each shipment will be automatically calculated and detailed at the time of purchase to confirm that the CLIENT approval, provided, before confirming the payment and depend mainly on the destination and volume of this.

Africa € 50 Asia € 50 Canary Island, Ceuta y Melilla € 8 Central America/Antilla € 50 Europe € 25 Europe (out E.U) € 25 North America € 35 Oceania € 35 Spain and Balearic Island € 8€ Portugal; 8€ South America € 35

  4. Delivery of products   Boots & sandals purchased by the CLIENT will be delivered within approximately 10 DAYS from the date of payment and order confirmation, at the address provided by the Customer when ordering. Items purchased at the online store once ready for dispatch sent by courier through NACEX and delivered in 24 hours within Spanish territory.     Peninsula and Balearic Islands: 24hrs   Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 2-3 business days   Rest of Europe: 3-5 days Rest of world: Consult Orders are prepared at the time payment has been confirmed and at the following times:   Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. 18: 00h   No deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays are made. When ordering, if you are outside the European Union or in the Canary Islands, note that you are responsible for paying local customs taxes.     If the maximum delivery time to be exceeded, provided that the cause of the delay was not responsibility of EMONK IBIZA, such assumptions A and B:      A: The customer has provided the wrong address (in this case if the carrier returns the product for failing to deliver, the CUSTOMER shall meet again spending integral derivative of a new expedition to the correct destination)     B: Strike, public holidays, natural catastrophe.

5. Returns: The customer may request the cancellation of the purchase and will be reimbursed by another product that the customer chooses, in no case the amount paid is refunded. Deliveries are made by an independent transport company. The CLIENT must check the condition of the goods that are delivered. It has a maximum period of 30 days from delivery to return the product by registered mail addressed to PROVIDED TO RETURN THE PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN USED, MODIFIED OR UNDER DIFFERENT CONDITIONS TO THE ONE SENT FROM EMONK IBIZA. All returns will be managed by email following the signs the customer service department. The physical return address is; EMONK CARRETERA VIEJA DE SANTA EULALIA KM 5 POL 19 Nº4 07840 SANTA EULALIA DEL RIO IBIZA-BALEARES (España)

ATENCION AL CLIENTE After that time no one had received any complaint FROM THE CLIENT, the Products are deemed to conform and EMONK IBIZA DO not accept any claim under these grounds. IBIZA EMONK replace or refund as soon as possible all delivered products whose nonconformity had been duly proven by the CUSTOMER.  In case of return due to an error in delivery or a change request, any nonconforming product must be returned in its entirety and in its original packaging, along with the delivery note to EMONK IBIZA. Non conforming product will automatically be changed, subject to availability, or refunded * if it is not available within 30 days of the payment by the CLIENT. All expenses resulting change of nonconforming product due to a failure of quality will be in charge of EMONK IBIZA and refunds or changes in size by the CLIENT.   WE DO PHOTOGRAPHS OF EACH OF ORDERS BEFORE SHIPPING TO ENSURE THAT ARE PROPERLY PREPARED   5. Right of withdrawal If for any reason the Customer is not satisfied with your order, THE CLIENT has a period of 30 days from the date of delivery of the product to return it to EMONK IBIZA for exchange. Return expenses and forwarding are borne by the CLIENT. Forwarding costs to the customer; Africa € 55 Asia € 55 Canary Island, Ceuta y Melilla € 15 Central America/Antilla € 35 Europe € 15 Europe (out E.U) € 25 North America € 35 Oceania € 35 Spain and Balearic Island € 8€ Portugal; 8€ South America € 35

We reserve to right to cancel any order at This right of withdrawal will be subject to compliance with the following conditions: (i) The product must be returned perfectly packed, (ii) return of the product should be within the prescribed period, for which purpose they shall refer the date of the removal delivery. (iii) the product must not have been used or modified (iv) any postal delivery will be certified and return receipt requested, as EMONK IBIZA assume no product loss during transport back WHICH WILL BE RESPONSABILITY OF THE CUSTOMER.

IMPORTANT: No refunds or exchanges allowed of the OUTLET products.  Defects are shown in pictures.

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